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Bollinger Champagne

A.O.C Champagne




Bollinger Champagne is a luxury champagne brand that has been around for centuries. Founded in 1829 by Hennequin de Villermont, Bollinger has established itself as one of the finest makers of sparkling wine in the world.


A family-run business from the beginning, Bollinger has maintained its trademark style and flavor over generations, using traditional techniques such as aging for longer periods than many other champagne houses. Its iconic bottle shape and unique, full-bodied flavors have earned it an excellent reputation all over the world.


Over the years, Bollinger has become renowned for sourcing its grapes from some of the finest crus in France. With 179 hectares of grand and premier cru vines farmed by experienced professionals, these vineyards are spread across 7 different plots including those producing pinot noir around the Montagne de Reims, chardonnay on the Côte des Blancs and meunier in the Vallée de la Marne.


Even more impressively, there are two plots which have never succumbed to phylloxera and feature ungrafted vines managed using a form of layering called provignage - it's here that they craft their exclusive Vieilles Vignes Françaises cuvée. 


The Bollinger style of wine is one that can't be imitated. It's a combination of centuries-old wisdom and meticulous methods that culminate in a truly unique taste experience.


The aromas of the fruit are showcased in all their glory, with pinot noirs providing intense flavours and chardonnays from the Côte des Blancs delivering freshness.


But it's not just the ingredients – it's the process too. Vatting in oak barrels and long contact with the yeasts give Bollinger wines their distinctive creamy effervescence, while five core principles – house vineyards, pinot noir, magnums of reserve wines, barrels and time – ensure every bottle delivers something special each time. 


At Champagne Bollinger, they understand that working the land and respecting natural ecosystems are of paramount importance. They take great pride in preserving the biodiversity of their vineyards, dedicating themselves to this goal as a top priority.


This means that they strive to ensure the sustainability of resources while maintaining a healthy environment for generations to come. Their commitment is not just philosophical; they have also taken concrete steps such as growing cover crops between rows and adopting agricultural practices that promote soil health and wildlife conservation.


In doing so, they hope to honor an ancient tradition of stewardship and set an example for future winemakers.


From being served at royal weddings to being enjoyed by James Bond fans everywhere, this fine champagne surely deserves its place among the elite bubbles of the world!


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