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Château Bélingard

Château Bélingard

A.O.C. Monbazillac




The Château Bélingard is steeped in history and family tradition. For seven generations, the Ste Croix Clauzel family have worked hard to cultivate and glorify this clay-limestone terroir situated on the Left Bank of the Dordogne River, in the Bercerac area. 


It all began in 1820 with Rose Clair Ste Croix Clauzel who restored the château. Since then different generations of the family have continued to ensure its success:


Hyppolite who bought and swapped various vineyard parcels; Paul who managed the estate while also practising medicine; Marthe who dearly loved this land; Blanche and her husband Paul who kept the chateau safe throughout turbulent times; Pierre "the builder" who expanded the vineyards, resulting in commercial successes; and Laurent and Sylvie de Bosredon - both university educated, inquisitive, outgoing people - took over in the late 80s.


Through their efforts they've made sure that Château Bélingard is brought into modern age, incorporating cutting edge wine-making techniques as well as environmentally friendly decisions.


The Ste Croix Clauzel family are dedicated custodians of Château Bélingard, ensuring it remains a testament to their hard work and expertise for years to come.


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