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Château La Rose Figeac

AOC Pomerol




It's an incredible story - in 1961, Louis Rapin (Nathalie Despagne's maternal grandfather) bought his neighbor's vineyard in Pomerol and renamed it Château La Rose Figeac. After two centuries of being in the family, Nathalie inherited it when she took over in 2013. Since then, a lot of work has been done - they've restructured the vineyard, built a modern vat room, barrel cellar, storage cellar and caveau. 


Pomerol is a prestigious appellation in the south-east of France, home to the 4 hectares of the beautiful and famous La Rose Figeac vineyard. This unique terroir is made up of gravelly sand, which produces pure, deep, fresh and dense wines that are recognized worldwide.


The vineyard is composed of nine plots less than 500m from each other, dominated by Merlot Noir (90%) and Cabernet Franc (10%). It's no surprise that Nathalie Despagne was determined to take over this estate after it was passed down to her within her family two centuries ago!


She began certifying the farm as organic by ECOCERT in 2009, allowing the terroir to express itself freely. Since then she has undertaken an immense amount of work - restructuring the vineyard and building a modern vat room & barrel cellar, storage cellar and caveau.


All this harmoniously comes together with their family mansion at its centre - surely an impressive estate worthy of respect.


At Château La Rose Figeac, harmony and respect are the key elements of this incredible wine estate. Nathalie Despagne and her team work tirelessly all year round to let the unique terroir speak for itself, creating quality wines from beautiful ripe grapes.

When these grapes have been hand-harvested, they are carefully brought into the vat room where every fermentation tank corresponds to separate plots. This precious material is then placed into four tanks and two draining tanks with a thermoregulation system in place to preserve its high quality.

To ensure that the best product possible is achieved, the wine is crafted under supervision of oenologist Mikael Laizet from the respected Michel Rolland's office. After it has partially been elaborated, it spent 16 months aging peacefully in French oak barrels deep in the château’s stone cellar laboratory.

Once properly aged, this wonderful wine can be shared with family and friends over convivial moments.


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