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Château Puygueraud

AOC Francs C├┤tes de Bordeaux




This is a story of a Flemish wine merchant family that has had a long and vibrant history in the Pomerol vineyards of Vieux Château Certan and Troplong Mondot. It all began in 1924, when the family made their first investment in the area. They would eventually purchase the 15th Century chateau, Puygueraud, and restart their vineyard journey after some time spent on polyculture.


In 1981, Nicolas Thienpont joined his father in transitioning from a production-oriented viticulture to one stressing excellence. Since 1983, they have continued this commitment to crafting beautiful wines.


This passion and dedication is carried on today by Nicolas and his son Cyrille Thienpont who have been crafting remarkable wines for over 30 years now; making them a flagship among the Francs C├┤tes-de-Bordeaux appellation and a true gem of Bordeaux.


Vineyard Puygueraud is situated in a truly stunning location, on a rocky plateau that overlooks the gorgeous Dordogne valley right up until Saint-Emilion. This land has had a lively history of polyculture - fields and grain growing interspersed with vines.


With 42 hectares of black grapes and 5 hectares of white varieties such as Sauvignon Gris and Blanc, there's something to suit every taste!


The grapes thrive on varied soils including clay, limestone and asterias while the vineyard works year after year to find the perfect harmony between their soil and plant material.


A lot of this hard work was put in by Cyrille Thienpont, who also maintained his founding father George ThienpontÔÇÖs passion for Malbec grapes. So if you're ever in the area be sure to pay a visit - it really is a sight to behold!


Discover their Bordeaux red wine here!



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