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Domaine Bonnardot

A.O.C Bourgogne Aligoté






Domaine Bonnardot is a French winery located in the picturesque village of Villers-la-Faye, situated within the Hautes Côtes de Nuits, on the heights between Nuits-St-Georges and Beaune. Spanning a total of 22 hectares, it houses 3 hectares of low vines in the village and premier cru appellation and 19 hectares of high and wide vines in the regional appellation around our village.

What began as a family venture has now become a three generational tradition. At Domaine Bonnardot they are deeply passionate about cultivating the land and producing fine wines, whilst adhering to our responsibility to preserve nature, soil quality, and traditional practices.


Their collective experience is greatly enhanced by Daniele's father, Jean; his practical advice coupled with keen insight serves as an invaluable asset to our team.


Danièle has maintained a strong connection to the estate since her decision to take it over in 2008. Her inaugural vinification in 2009 yielded an exceptional vintage, and ever since she has sought to create quality wines while embracing sustainable agricultural practices.  


As Danièle’s experience grew, so did the knowledge of her team of four permanent employees, who stand united by the shared values of respect for nature, expertise, and the full expression of vine varieties and terroirs. Through their passion, commitment and dynamism they have contributed greatly to the success of this endeavour.


In 2021, the winery has finally finished their transition to organic farming on a big portion of the estate! They are still doing tests and examining the best ways for sowing and soil work.


They're seeing what works best with herbal teas and essential oils too, and making sure that amendments are applied correctly according to the analyses of grounds and petioles.


Lastly, at Domaine Bonnadot they're looking out for biodiversity - by planting low walls, hedges, woods and creating beehives to keep our environment safe.

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