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Domaine Edmond Monnot

AOC Maranges




Welcome to the world of St├ęphane and Christelle Monnot, two passionate winemakers from the village of Dezize-les-Maranges. ┬á


This couple has been crafting fine wines for over a century ÔÇô their family business was established by St├ęphane's grandfather in 1920. Today, they are cultivating 9 hectares of land in this area and producing an impressive selection of bottles that lovers of wine can enjoy.


Before joining forces with her husband, Christelle used to work on a vineyard located in the Beaujolais Cru Village of Saint Amour, so it comes as no surprise that she's bringing plenty of knowledge and experience to the table at the Monnot domaine. 


The Maranges Appellation is one of the most unique and distinctive Burgundian wine growing regions, created in 1989. This special appellation unites three villages - SAMPIGNY-LES-MARANGES, DEZIZE-LES-MARANGES and CHEILLY-LES-MARANGES - under its 230 hectare vineyard. The soils here are clayey limestone, found on the slopes of Trois Croix Hill, with a sunny south to southeast exposure.


Within the Maranges Apellation you'll find six prominent Premier Crus: Le Clos des Rois, Le Clos des Loyeres, Le Clos Roussots, La Fussiere, Le Croix aux Moines and Le Clos de la Boutiere.


Majority of production here consists of red wines (98%) which are both incredibly rich and robust; ageing them for at least 10 years can give you an incredible taste experience full of fruity aromas such as candied fruit or even undergrowth!


Whites here are made from Chardonnay and produce full-bodied wines that have great balance - perfect for any occasion!


So why not treat yourself to a bottle of some fantastic Maranges wines today?


Discover their french red wine here!
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