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Domaine Flache Sornay

A.O.C Morgon




Welcome to the Flache Sornay estate, a family-run business situated in the heart of the Morgon cru, in the Beaujolais area in France. Corinne and Vincent Flache have been running this estate since 2001 and produce two appellations, Morgon and Beaujolais, from the single grape variety Gamay noir à jus blanc.



Their vines enjoy a prime position that is well exposed to both the rising sun and south ÔÇô which allows┬áthem to practice careful tending all year round.┬áThey use a reasoned fight method of pest control as well as weeding.


The vineyard's average age is 45 years ÔÇô but the oldest vines date back to 1926! To make sure each parcel is picked at its prime ripeness for maximum flavour potential, each one is handpicked by┬átheir experts. The bunches are then vinified with traditional techniques such as long vatting periods (10 to 15 days) which help bring out their terroir's distinct expression.


At Domaine Flache Sornay, they are proud their wines have won medals at prestigious competitions such as "Grands Vins de France de Mâcon"


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