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Herdade da Mingorra





Herdade da Mingorra is a modern Portuguese winery located in the Baixo Alentejo, a few kilometers away from the winemaking city Beja. The 2,000m2 winery was designed by the famous architect V├ştor Vaz, achieving the balance between modernity and functionality.


Herdade da Mingorra focuses only on making exceptional wines, through traditional techniques and state of the art machinery. The winery makes 1 million liters per year of wines, that have been grown in their own vineyards. In their vineyards they grow 23 different types of grapes.

In total, Herdade da Mingorra makes 14 different types of wines, all of them are of an excelent quality, that have been appraised by the winelovers community and international wine critics. 


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