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Portuguese Wineries

Herdade do Carvahal - Dis and Dis wineries

Herdade do Carvahal

In 1999 Fernando Soares founded Herdade do Carvahal, a portuguese winery with 52 hectares of vineyards located in Urra, in the municipality of Portalegre, Portugal. The region of Alto Alentejo has been linked to the winemaking history for centuries. 
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Dis and dis Wine Store Herdade da Mingorra

Herdade da Mingorra

Herdade da Mingorra is a modern Portuguese winery located in the Baixo Alentejo, a few kilometers away from the winemaking city Beja. The 2,000m2 winery was designed by the famous architect Vítor Vaz, achieving the balance between modernity and functionality.
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Herdade Das Servas

Herdade Das Servas

Herdade das Servas is a stunning and iconic estate situated in the region of Alentejo, Portugal.At Herdade Das Servas, they believe that their customers are their greatest prize, and at the heart of what they do. Read more about their story!
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Portugues Wineries, Dis and Dis wines store

Adega Casa da Urra

The Casa da Urra vineyards are a remarkable example of the great potential for excellence found in Alentejo wines. Spread out over 30 hectares of schistous terrain, these vineyards encompass a range of white white and red grape varieties that showcase Portugal's winemaking heritage.
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Herdade dos grous winery, Portugal

Herdade Dos Grous

Herdade dos Grous is located in the Alentejo Region, in southern Portugal in the Alentejo plain, among olive groves, oak forests. It is one of the most famous Portuguese wineries...

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herdade dos  lagos winery, portugal

Herdade Dos Lagos

Heralde dos Lagos is located in the Alentejo Region, in the south of Portugal in the Camillera Valley. The region has long been considered Portugal's breadbasket because of its agricultural potential...

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adega de redondo winery, portugal

Adega de Redondo

Adega de Redondo winery is located in one of Portugal's most famous wine regions, Alentejo. Alentejo has been a wine country for millennia. The whole region is linked to...

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