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Adegas Moure



Where is it located?



Adegas Moure is a magical place located in the hills of the Ribeira Sacra region, in Galicia, in the north of Spain. Adegas Moure winery is part of the denomination of origin Ribeira Sacra, that was created in 1996. Adegas Moure is also part from the CERVIM organization, a European organization that works towards the preservation of mountain viticulture. 

Adegas Moure is located in a small village, called Cuñas, in the province of Lugo. The vineyards are located on top of the steep hills, facing the Miño River. 



It is a family winery that was first established in 1958 and has run for generations. What makes this place truly magical is the excellent wines that they are able to produce given the hard conditions of the beautiful terroir. The vineyards are placed in narrow terraces, called "bancales" in Spanish. 




Winemaking Techniques

Thanks to their know-how and long experience in the winekaing industry, Adegas Moure produces excellent wines with a long of history. 


Due to the steep terroir, Adegas Moure is forced to practice heroic viticulture, which is a type of viticulture that takes places in vineyards that are extremely steep. In this cases, the grapes can only be picked by hand, as there is no place for the mechanical harvest.

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