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Alsina & Sardà



Where is it located?

┬áAlsina & Sard├á is a Spanish winery located in the Pened├Ęs region, in Catalonia. The wines porduced by Alsina & Sard├á are part of the D.O. Pened├Ęs, a wine region popular for producing Cava and great white and red wines.


They own 9 different estates in the Pened├Ęs region, where they grow different grape varieties; Finca Cal Janes (1.53ha of Merlot grape) , Finca La Boltana (7.17ha of Xarelo grape), Finca Les Tarumbes (1ha of Pinot Noir), Finca L┬┤Esteveta (1ha of Xarelo and Merlot), Finca La Salada (6.84ha of Xarelo and Macabeu grape), Finca La Torrre (1.78ha of Chardonnay), Finca Els Caballers (1ha of Chardonnay) , Finca d┬┤Ol├Ęrdola (15ha of Cabernet Sauvignon, Macabeu, Xarel.lo, Parellada), and Finca la Plana (3ha of┬áMuscat d┬┤Alexandria)


By owning different estates, Alsina & Sardà is able to take care of the full process of winemaking, from picking up the grapes to making the wine.





 This is a family owned winery that was first established in 1862. They used to make their own wine that later was sold to traders.


However, in 1982, with the new generation in the family, they decided to enter the world of cavas and start planting and producing the bubbly drink. In 1985, the business grew considerably and they built another winery to keep up with production. Nowadays, Alsina & Sardà is recognized nationally and internationally for their know-how in the winemaking process and their pursue of enviromentally friendly practices when producing wine. 



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