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Spanish Wineries

Bodegas Isla

Isla, spanish wines

La Mancha





Bodegas Isla is located in the centre of La Mancha, on the southern bank of the Ciguela River, 625 m above sea level, the perfect place for growing vines due to the limestone soils.

La Mancha is a very special region for winemakers because it receives a large amount of light, with maximum temperatures of 38ºC in summer and rainfall limited to around 350 litres per year. To the rest of us, La Mancha is known thanks to the writer Miguel de Cervantes and his novel Don Quixote, written in the 17th century.

The good weather, with good temperatures and limited rainfall, awakened in Francisco Isla Molina's heart the dream of having his own vineyard, so in the first decade of the 20th century he founded this winery, fully confident that he would be able to offer high quality wines to the Spaniards of the region.

Generation after generation of his successors have kept this dream alive to this day. It is this fusion of know-how passed down from the family and care for the land and its fruits that makes Bodegas Isla one of Spain's most enduring wineries. And Francisco's dream has gone beyond the borders of Spain, offering quality wines to the wine-loving community around the world.
Today, La Mancha can add the region's wines to its cultural heritage alongside Cervantes' famous novel. Discover the flavours and bottled stories of Isla winery!