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Spanish Wineries

Hijos de Alberto Gutiérrez

Spanish wines alberto gutierrez

D.O. Rueda




In the heart of Castilla y León and the Rueda DO, Bodegas De Alberto is located in an old wine cellar founded by the religious order of Dominicans in the 17th century.

Through underground galleries and large brick cellars filled with barrels and maturing bottles, covering the Serrada basement for over a kilometre, we discovered the core of this winery, the cellar called Inhabited Memory, kept in uninterrupted operation for over three centuries.

The winemakers of this winery are now in their fifth generation, and the skills and secrets of the art of winemaking have been passed down with sanctity to carry on a history that not many wineries can boast.

In this winery, more than 350 years old, the Gutiérrez family has accumulated the know-how of several generations and over time has incorporated the most modern winemaking systems to satisfy the palates of customers who today are spread all over the world.

Gutierez wines have impressed over the years the sommeliers of the most important guides and world competitions. Among the winery's most awarded wines are our two favourites which you can discover in our catalogue!