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Dehesa del Carrizal



The Dehesa del Carrizal estate is located in the centre of Montes de Toledo, near the Caba├▒eros National Park, between the Tagus and Guadiana basins.

Dehesa del Carrizal produces Pago wines, the highest quality category under Spanish wine legislation. This is DOP (Denominaci├│n de Origen Protegida or Protected Designation of Origin), reserved for only a few wineries and vineyards that carry out the entire process - from grape to bottle of wine - according to DOP parameters. The unique location, soil and climate are key elements in making these exceptional wines.

The vineyards of Dehesa del Carrizal are located on a ra├▒a, which is the local name for the slopes and plains at the foot of a mountain that has been eroded by water and rain and thus led to the accumulation of clay and quartz sand. The erosion dates back to the Cambrian period and, thanks to the microclimate and humidity, it produces an interesting level of acidity and gives uniqueness to the wines produced here.

The Mediterranean climate and the influence of the Atlantic Ocean create the special microclimate, perfect for Dehesa del Carrizal. In addition, the wide range of temperatures between night and day allows the grapes to ripen slowly and harmoniously.

Although exceptional, this site requires attention, passion and effort to become a great vineyard. Dehesa del Carrizal is a unique place that produces outstanding wines thanks to the remarkable soil and climate, but also to the attention of the winemakers who oversee the entire process from the cutting of the vines to the complete maturation of the wine. Discover how the specifics of the soil and climate are reflected in the flavours of the wine!

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