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Ribera del Duero



The Pradorey winery was built in harmony with its surroundings, being embedded in a hilly area. It is partially buried, following a centuries-old tradition used in the surrounding Spanish towns to maintain constant temperature and humidity conditions for maturing wines.

Inside, the winery has an innovative barrel stacking system with metal crossbars that form a honeycomb structure that is not only original, it is also very efficient. The winery also has an automatic barrel washing line and a 21,000 litre French Nevers oak vat room to complete the maturation of the wine in 225 and 300 litre French, American and Central European oak barrels.

The tour of the facilities is completed by a visit to the Wine Museum, a unique place where PRADOREY's most special wines of Controlled Origin rest.

Bodegas Pradorey has the largest grape growing area in the Ribera del Duero region, 520 hectares of vineyards, in order to control and ensure the quality of the wines every year.

The vineyards are made up of 8 well-differentiated areas according to altitude, orientation and sun: Hoyo Dornajo, La Mina, Prado del Rey, Salgüero, El Pino, Los Robles, Valdelayegua and La Recorba. In each vineyard, the different varieties and plantations are meticulously tended. Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the main varieties. Varieties over 100 years old have been selected from different areas of Ribera del Duero. This has allowed the winemakers to recover some unique pre-phylloxera vines, such as Élite. Enjoy the privilege of being able to savour ancient grape varieties!

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