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Malbec Wines


Order Malbec wines from New World or Old World regions. Bold and expressive red wines, ideal for red wine enthusiasts who want to savour complex flavours and full-bodied tannins.

Our selection of Malbec red wines is made up of renowned wines from France and Argentina. Malbec wines can vary in style depending on their origin.

Argentine Malbec wines have become very popular in recent years, often with ripe fruit flavours and a robust character. French Malbecs, especially those from Cahors, tend to be more structured, with firm tannins and earthy nuances.

Malbec wines naturally pair well with hearty dishes such as red meats, traditional charcuterie or aged cheeses. Their bold flavours and balanced acidity enhance the richness of these dishes, creating a harmonious, delicious pairing.

The elegance and structure of Malbec wines offer an exciting and savoury experience worth discovering.