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How to Discover Great Wines?


When we go to a restaurant, there is a sommelier who can recommend us the best wines to pair with the food that we want to order. Sommeliers are prepared to explain all about it and the winery, and the winemaking techniques. 



They also know fun facts about the winery and the region where they come from. With all this information, they convince us to choose one bottle over the other. 



This information is very useful so that we get to know the full story from the vineyards to the table. At that point, we don´t look for the presentation, but rather at its quality. So, why is it that when we are in a store most of the consumers decide on whether to purchase wine on the presentation?



When we are at a restaurant and we choose a bottle from the menu, we don´t look at how the presentation of the wine looks, but rather at its taste, provenance, and vintage year. In the wine store, we should do the same.



Simple labels are not appealing to consumers; therefore, they are missed on the shelf of the store. In the online world, wine pictures that aren´t shining and beautiful, get overlooked and passed by. This is a pity because consumers miss out on great wines that have great stories.  



We have 3 tips for you if you want to try special wines in the comfort of your home like the ones that you would in a restaurant. 



Region, winery, variety


Our first tip is to focus on the wine region, winery, and grape variety, rather than on the presentation.


Some wineries that make great wine do not want to make the investment in making a beautiful label, as they believe that once consumers try their wines, they will immediately fall in love.


This is, for example, the case of family-owned wineries, that have been winemakers for generations, and have focused on making exceptional wines. 


The year

Our second tip would be to not put too much emphasis on the vintage year. Unless it is a Grand Cru from Bordeaux, that quality and price range can vary greatly from vintage to vintage, don´t focus too much on the vintage year.


In fact, most of the wines are not made to be aged for a long time in the cellar. The ones that can be kept for ages are the ones that are purchased to do so. 



The price

Finally, our last tip would be don’t focus too much on the price. Some wines can be a bit more expensive, but also, they have been produced following better winemaking techniques. A small difference in price can make a huge difference in the taste of the wine.


We would recommend that when purchasing a wine follow this order; first start with the taste preference that you like, then focus on which occasions you will drink it and with what food will you pair it and finally, focus on the price. Of course, everyone has a price range, but between your price range, some will better suit your preferences than others ones.





Our sommeliers have prepared a selection of hidden gems, that you will love, and you will feel that you have your own private sommelier. They have selected red, white, rose and sparkling wines, for you to try all the range of wines. 


Alonso del Yerro 2016: Spanish red wine from D. O Ribera del Duero. It is made 100% of Tempranillo grapes from vineyards that have over 40 years. It is produced by Viñedos Alonso del Yerro. 


Excellent red wine that presents spicy notes. On the palate, it is round with soft tannins, and a persistent finish. It pairs well with red meat, white meat, and cheeses. 


Finca La Emperatriz Gran Vino 2016: This is an exceptional wine originally from D.O.Ca Rioja. It is produced 100% of Viura grapes.  It is made by Hermanos Hernáiz Winery from vineyards that have over 70 years. 


On the nose, the wine presents white fruit aromas and dried herbs. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied and juicy. It can be stored for the next ten years. We recommend pairing it with fish, white meat and vegetables. 


Herms Rose: Great Spanish rose wine from D.O. Terra Alta. It is produced by the winery Celler Herms and it is made 100% of Syrah Grapes. It pairs perfectly with white meat, smoked fish, sushi, rice dishes, and delicatessen.


Cava Brut Nature Organic 2017 Sparkling Wine: Excellent Cava from Penedès, Spain produced by Maria Rigol Ordi Winery. It is made of Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada grapes.


On the nose, it has subtle floral notes. On the palate, it presents a touch of spice and a hint of yeasts. We recommend pairing it with appetizers, fish and desserts.


We hope that now it will be easier for you to choose great wines from the comfort of your home. If you want to discover more hidden gems, visit our store and you will find excellent wines.


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See you next time, wine lovers, 





Dis&Dis Team

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