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Spanish wines you have to try

spanish wines

The Spanish temperament is extroverted and cheerful, and is embodied in their wine - which conveys that passion and harmony of aromas and tastes , in bodegas in which attention is paid to detail, and in grape varieties that add the characteristics of a specific land and climate.

We present the most popular areas in Spain for vines. These areas are the ones that give the Designation of Origin (DO) of the wine.

From Catalonia , under the influence of the cold wind blowing from the north, from the Pyrenees, we have wines from DO Empordà . One of the most beautiful areas of the Costa Brava , where Salvador Dalí has ​​established his residence and where his museum is located. These are grape varieties, wines with personality, white wines with salty notes , brought by the sweet Mediterranean winds, delicate rosé wines and strong and very personal red wines.

If you like delicate ones more, you can indulge in some light wines from DO Terra Alta ,. Especially that Spanish grape variety, Garnacha , our authentic jewel, also present in the spectacular red wines from DOP Cariñena, a protected designation of origin with a true history behind it.



Urbezo Chardonnay 2019, 69 LEI


If you like full -bodied wines  with personality, you can enjoy those from DO Ribera de Duero , the paradise of red wines, with strong tannins, expressive and with character. Other famous Spanish red wines are those from DOC Rioja , a qualified designation of origin where the variety is king.

Tempranillo grapes give the wines a perfect acidity and balance for the production of aged and reserve wines. This grape variety is also called Tinta de Toro , and is found in Spanish wines from DO Toro.



Americo, Oak 7 months 2018, 75 LEI


On the Mediterranean coast of Spain, a land of fireworks and holidays called Fallas , extremely famous for its fantastic paella, we find the unique wines from DO Valencia. The white ones are fruity and fun wines, easy to drink, like the ones from DO Utiel-Requena. In the same province we find a selection of organic wines , whose premise is respect for the environment.

We find the paradise of white wines in DO Rueda , with one of the freshest, most aromatic and consumed varieties by young people, Verdejo grapes. Their varieties are fruity and vibrant, fresh, with good structure and an impressive richness of shades, both for smell and taste.

In DO Rueda you will also be able to taste subtle and extremely fine white wines , from the variety of Sauvignon blanc grapes.


If you are interested in the balance, you will be surprised by the harmony between acidity and alcohol of the white wines from DO Rias Baixas . The Albariño grape variety is a local variety from Galicia , a land of fish and seafood par excellence, which go perfectly with this wine.



Chan de Rosas Albariño Classic 2019, 69 LEI


We cannot forget the Chardonnay grape variety , the elegant and sophisticated wines from DO Cariñena, ideal for consumption at any time of the day.

If you are looking for a special gift, do not hesitate to choose Pago wines . They are wines with their own identity and exceptional quality, author wines, due to the meticulous and careful characteristics of their production, and due to the climate and the soil that gives rise to the grapes. They are soulful varieties.

Spain has a wide variety of wines that take their essence from a territory with specific landscapes, which arouse emotions such as joy. They are wines full of nuances, multicolored like the Spanish sky, and warm like the temperature of this earth. Wines that deserve a moment of relaxation to be enjoyed and shared, because Spanish wine has something magical that can only be discovered when tasted. 

We thank our friend Isabel Zaro ( Sommelier graduated from UdG University ) for this review of the most famous Spanish wines. These are wines that you must try at some point.

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Next time, wine lovers,

The DiS & DiS team