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Extra Brut

Cava Chapó Reserva Extra Brut 2017 Vin Spumant
Cava Chapó Reserva Extra Brut este un vin spumant spaniol, Cava elaborat cu Chardonnay 100%.
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Cava Rovellats Col-lecció Gran Reserva Extra Brut Vin Spumant
Cava Rovellats Col-lecció Gran Reserva Extra Brut este un vin spumant spaniol elaborat cu soiurile Parellada,...
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Extra Brut sparkling wines are those wines with minimal dosage, resulting in a drier and more restrained taste profile.

The term "Extra Brut" means that these sparkling wines contain a very low level of added sugar after secondary fermentation, usually less than 6 grams per litre. This minimal dosage allows the natural acidity and immaculate flavours of the base wine to shine through, providing a crisp, dry sensation on the palate.

The impact of the low sugar level on the texture and flavours of the wine is remarkable. The absence of excessive sweetness enhances the purity of the fruit flavours and highlights the natural acidity of the wine, giving it a refreshing and vibrant character.

This style often exhibits a more pronounced minerality and a precise and delicate effervescence, captivating the senses with its finesse.

The Extra Brut sparkling wines in our collection come from the esteemed Spanish region known throughout the world D.O. Cava. Each offering a unique expression of this captivating style. They are ideal with creamy aperitifs or fatty dishes. The bubbles of this type of wine clean the palate and enhance the flavours of such dishes.

So whether you're toasting a special occasion or simply savoring the beauty of life's everyday moments, our Extra Brut selection promises a refined sparkling wine experience like no other.