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Wines for Spring: My Top Recommendations

Spring has finally arrived, and with all the good weather and flower blossoms, our wine-tasting preferences are different than in winter. In this blog, I´ll give you my top recommendation for what wines to drink in spring, so that you can welcome the new season in style. Whether you are a red wine lover or a bubble enthusiast, in this blog you´ll find the inspiration to choose the perfect bottle. 

In spring, we tend to drink light-bodied wines, rose and sparkling wines. With the good weather, we prefer refreshing, light and crisp wines, that have lower alcohol content. We prefer that, because high-alcohol wines, are heavier, and fuller, and therefore are more suitable for colder weather.

With the welcoming of spring, we also tend to eat lighter dishes, such as salads, seafood and grilled vegetables. For that type of food, the perfect wine pairing would be light-bodied wines, as they don´t overpower the dish´s flavour.

Light-bodied white wines

Light-bodied whites are normally refreshing and fruity, very aromatic, with low alcohol content. You can easily distinguish a light-bodied white bottle, given that they have a pale colour. When you smell the wine, they are aromatic, with aromas of citrus, green apple and pear. When you taste it, it has high acidity levels, with a refreshing taste.

For spring, I recommend trying light-bodied white grapes such as:

1. Albariño, from the northern part of Spain, in Galicia: This is an excellent grape variety for spring because it is fresh and aromatic with mineral notes. Albariño wines have become very popular because they have great taste and they are very easily paired with food. My top Albariño recommendation for spring is Mar de Frades, a light white with mineral notes. I love the packaging of this wine, as when properly cooled at 10ºC, a small boat appears on the blue bottle.

2. Verdejo, from D.O. Rueda: I recommend trying Piedra Verdejo Organic, an aromatic and easy-to-drink organic white wine, from the popular D.O. Rueda region in Spain.

3. Sauvignon Blanc, a fresh and versatile white wine. I recommend trying Sapientia Sauvignon Blanc Organic, a white produced by the family winery Lagar de Moha in D.O. Rueda. With its crisp and refreshing taste, this bottle is ideal for sharing it with family and friends. 

4. Vinho Verde, from Portugal. Light-bodied white wines are perfect as appetizers, with salad, or seafood, as it has high acidity levels that balance perfect with the flavour of the dish.

Rose Wines

Rose bottles are quickly gaining popularity among wine enthusiasts. Wine lovers looking for a trendy wine will love a glass of rose given that is very flexible and has a refreshing flavour.

Compared to red wines, pink wines have a lighter body and greater fragrant intensity. Popular rose wines have a modest alcohol percentage and are very aromatic and fresh. Its characteristics are more similar to those of a young white wine than a red wine. 

Rose wines are particularly intriguing because the flavour and colour entirely depend on the winemaker's preferences and how long the maceration process lasts. To produce rose wines with full aromatic intensity and greater acidity levels, winemakers typically aim for a brief maceration. 

Given its trendiness, aromatic intensity and refreshing flavours, rose wine have become very popular. For spring, I recommend the following rose wines: 

1. A.O.C Cotes de Provence: Located in the southeastern region of France, Côtes de Provence rose wines are usually made of Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvedre. Trendy, and refreshing, these bottles are perfect for relaxing in a sunny terrace or for a picnic lunch. I recommend trying Chateau Grand Boise Rose Organic, an excellent bottle made of grenache, cinsault and syrah. If you want to try a real Côte de Provence wine, you should try this one. 

2. D.O Ribeira Sacra, made of Mencia grapes: Ribeira Sacra´s rose wine are hidden gems from the north of Spain. If you are looking for something truly special and remarkable made of Mencia grapes, I recommend trying Abadia da Cova Mencia 2020. This wine has been crafted in a beautiful but difficult harvest area. When you try it, you can taste the uniqueness of the Ribeira Sacra´s terroir. 

3. D. O Empordà, made of Grenache grapes: Mallolet Rosat is made with 100% grenache grapes, this rose wine comes from D.O. Empordà, in the northern part of Catalonia. Crafted by Roig Parals winery, this rose features red fruit aromas with a fresh taste.

Rose wines are perfect to pair with charcuterie boards, grilled seafood, sushi, salad dishes and spicy dishes, such as thai curry. I love the versatility of the rose wine with food pairing, as it goes perfectly with a vast range of dishes. Indeed, rose wine is the perfect wine for welcoming spring. 

Light Bodied Red Wines 

Light bodied red wines are delicate, subtle and elegant red wines with low tannins and a high acidity level, which makes it the perfect type of drink for welcoming spring. Given that they are made of red grapes with thin skin and light pulp, they result in a refreshing red wine, perfect for the spring season.

For these warm and sunny days, I recommend trying the following grape varieties:

1. Pinot Noir. I recommend trying Pinot Noir “Petit Clos” 2020, a dry medium bodied red from New Zealand. This red feature aroma of lavender and dried rose petals, with a balanced aftertaste.

2. Gamay. I recommend Morgon 2018, a red made of 100% Gamay grapes. Produced in the famous Bourgogne region, this French wine is perfect for spring due to its floral aromas and elegant finish. 

If you are a red wine enthusiast, you will love its versatility. Light-bodied red bottles can be paired with a vast range of food, from appetizers to red meat dishes. Given that they do not have a high alcoholic content, it is a great wine to drink in a picnic or in a barbecue.

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are one of my favorite drinks there are. I love the bubbles, the high acidity and the refreshing taste. This drink is perfect for spring, thanks to its wide range of flavours and aromas, and its versatility with food pairing. There are different types of sparkling wines, for example in France we would be talking about champagne, cava in Spain and prosecco in the north of Italy.

Here are some recommendations that you need to try if you love bubbles:

1. Champagne

2. Cava

3. Prosecco 

Sparkling wines are very versatile, and they pair great with a wide range of food. For example, if you are having brunch, you can pair a quiche Lorraine with an extra brut champagne. 

If you are having appetizers, for example, oysters, then you can pair it with a dry Champagne or a Cava brut. If you are having grilled fish with lemon, you can pair it with a nice glass of Prosecco. A nice bottle of prosecco superiore docg is always a great option. Finally, if you are having a crème brûlée as a dessert, you can pair it with a glass of Blanc de Noir Champagne. 

As you can see, sparkling wine is one of the most versatile and refreshing drinks there are. There is the idea that champagne is only for special occasions, but you should know that French people drink champagne very frequently, as it is truly embedded in their identity. 

There are many of wines that are perfectly suited to the season, whether you're having a picnic in the park, hosting a dinner party, or simply winding down after a hard day. The possibilities are boundless, from crisp, refreshing whites to light-bodied reds and exuberant sparklers. I hope you found some inspiration in this blog to welcome spring in style. Do not hesitate to visit our online store to discover more delicious wines from all over the world! 

See you later, wine lovers, 

Victoria Estrada

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