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Bernard Magrez





At just 25 years old, Bernard Magrez had already inspired a wealth of opportunities with his ambitions. Born in Bordeaux during troubled times in 1936, a strict upbringing provided him with life lessons but it was his vision and strength that pushed him further.



He left school at 16 to enter the wine trade as a completely self-taught young man.



In 1961 he discovered the revolutionary hypermarket store through travel to the USA and later set up his own company specialising in whisky and port.  



His success was rapid and soon he began acquiring top-end wine estates such as Ch├óteau Pape Cl├ęment, Ch├óteau La Tour Carnet, and so on - becoming the only person to own four prestigious vineyards at once. ┬á



Bernard's masterstroke of buying four major wine estates at once made him quite the sensation in the industry!



Through his ambition and passion for wine, he acquired over 1,000 acres of land across eight countries┬á- Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and the USA. In total he owned 43 estates with more than 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres) of vines.┬áHe dedicated his time┬áto ensure each bottle reflected excellence by introducing technological innovation into vine-growing strategies; such as sensor-equipped drones monitoring the vines every day or digitally connected barrels at Ch├óteau Pape Cl├ęment! ┬á



Magrez didn't stop there though; he saw these successes as an opportunity to give back and created The House of Hope orphanage in Thailand giving 80 children educational training, medical care and recreational activities.



Today, Bernard Magrez is still making extraordinary achievements by setting an example for us all - demonstrating how far one can go if their passion is strong enough!


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