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French Wineries

Château Arbo Malbec

french vineyard Chateau Arbo

AOC Côtes de Bordeaux


The Chateau Arbo Malbec winery is located in the Bordeaux region, belonging to the AOC Cotes de Bordeaux. It is one of France's long-established wine cellars that is very involved in the social life of the community and dedicated to protecting the environment.

For more than a decade they have stopped using insecticides, reduced the use of sulphates by 50%, moreover they have their own weather station to be able to synchronize the treatment of the vines in opportune climatic conditions.
They are committed to obtaining an international ISO14001 certificate, conserving water resources and improving biodiversity by maintaining hedgerows and caring for the land around the winery.

In the middle of the vineyard rows they plant various grasses so that bees can feed in the summer and flocks of sheep can graze in the cold season.
They sort and recycle waste and use biodegradable packaging.


They are actively involved in protecting the local community, especially helping children. They justify caring for the community and the environment as a natural concern for a better future for their children and for keeping the passion for winegrowing alive in future generations.

The wines produced under their signature respect the quality standards imposed by the Bordeaux region and the AOC. Discover Malbec wines!