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Ch├óteau S├ęgur de Cabanac

A.O.C. Saint-Est├Ęphe




The S├ęgur de Cabanac winery located in the Bordeaux region, belonging to the AOC Saint Estephe is a winery of noble origin whose plots were once owned by Count Joseph-Marie S├ęgur de Cabanac, known in French wine history as the "Prince of the Vines". Stone markers engraved with his name can still be seen in the vineyards.

The Delon family reconstituted the property in 1985 and made it one of the best references in Saint-Est├Ęphe.

The Delon family has a long tradition and is now in its seventh generation in the M├ędoc. They say, in the cellars, rigour is essential and nothing should be left to chance in order to enhance the fruit of a respected land and to obtain a noble product.

In their vineyards, harvesting is done by hand. The best grapes are selected in the vineyard. Then the grapes are destemmed, processed and finally fermented in the cellars.

Their wines are unique, distinguished by the experience of the winemakers and the specific climate and soil. Situated in the eastern part of Saint-Est├Ęphe, on the top of a hill with stony soils overlooking the Gironde estuary, the vineyards of this winery derive their uniqueness from special geographical characteristics. This is why the wines of Ch├óteau S├ęgur de Cabanac are unmistakable.

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