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Portuguese Wineries

Adega de Redondo

adega de redondo winery, portugal





Adega de Redondo winery is located in one of Portugal's most famous wine regions, Alentejo.

Alentejo has been a wine country for millennia. The whole region is linked to typical Portuguese gastronomy, not only for the wine but also for the olive oil and bread typical of the region.

The cultivation of vines has been one of the main links between the communities here, where the feeling of mutual aid and the goal of the common good has always been present.

After the Alentejo vineyards were weakened in the 1940s by phylloxera, mould, oidium and politically imposed decisions to implement cereal monoculture, the region's wine producers decided to join forces to restore the region to its former wine fame.

Thus was born the wine cooperative that exists to this day and which today counts over 200 wine producers.

Adega de Redondo, with its 200 producers, represents more than 75% of the viticulture in the Redondo sub-region, and is one of the largest and most dynamic cooperative wineries in Portugal.

It is mainly dedicated to the production of red wines, which account for about 75% of the ten million litres of wine produced annually.

The wines produced here capture the terroir of the region where Mediterranean, oceanic and continental influences are decisive for their balance, structure and flavours.

Adega de Redondo's signature wines have good ageing potential, acquiring elegance and subtle notes over time.

Adega de Redondo wines are known in different corners of the world such as Brazil, USA, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK, Canada, Germany, China, and now they are available in Romania.