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Herdade Dos Lagos

D.O.C. Douro




Heralde dos Lagos is located in the Alentejo Region, in the south of Portugal in the Camillera Valley.

The region has long been considered Portugal's breadbasket because of its agricultural potential.

Forty years ago, the Zeppenfeld-Kreikenbaum family, of German origin, fell in love with the region's landscape and decided to grow vines and olive trees here, which proved to be a very inspired decision.

Today, the 1,000 hectares of land are home to both vineyards and olive groves. Caring for these lands has turned Heralde dos Lagos into a piece of heaven. Here grapes and olives grow alongside flowers and beneficial herbs, surrounded by bees, butterflies, birds, insects, etc.

One of the pillars of the winery is respect for biodiversity. Today on all 100 hectares of the winery only organic farming is practised, no chemical treatments are applied to the vines, moreover the winery preserves vast virgin areas in the region.


The Heralde dos Lagos fields are known in the region as a biodiversity sanctuary.

The switch to organic farming was a major challenge but today they can boast 100% organic production and renewable energy supply.

The winery's wines are truly outstanding, capturing the blend of Mediterranean and continental influences. They have impressed critics from different corners of the world.

The care taken in the winemaking process, the consistent thinning of the grapes to preserve a good yield, the night harvesting of the grapes, their fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks make Heralde dos Lagos wines some of the most outstanding Portuguese wines you must try.

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