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Adega Casa da Urra





Casa da Urra is a project that was brought to life in 2007 and was recovered from ruins in 2013. It is located in the heart of the High Alentejo, two steps away from Spain.

The Casa da Urra vineyards are a remarkable example of the great potential for excellence found in Alentejo wines. Spread out over 30 hectares of schistous terrain, and home to some of the best grapes in the region due to its particular microclimate and cool mountain breezes, these vineyards encompass a range of white and red grape varieties that showcase Portugal's winemaking heritage.

What makes the wines from this estate even more special is that they are created with 100% homegrown grapes and made with advanced expertise and technology. Each vintage boasts the signature taste of Rui Reguinga, one of Portugal's most respected winemakers, making them a must-have for any good lover of Alentejo nectars every year.

The estate boasts 180 hectares of land with vineyards, pastures for sheep, and cork oaks trees. Alongside the picturesque village of Urra and overlooking Portalegre, Casa da Urra offers a unique experience for visitors.

The project offers a variety of activities so that visitors can make the most out of their stay here. These activities include swimming, tennis playing, playgrounds, libraries and events rooms as well as visiting modern wineries and tasting wines.

They also offer guided tours around their vineyard, henhouse and vegetable garden. Other than these traditional recreational activities they also provide hunting and walking/cycling circuits for their guests to explore the area around them with more vigor!

On top of this all, Casa da Urra stands out when it comes to gastronomy due to its exquisite cuisine offering too!



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