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Herdade Dos Grous




Herdade dos Grous is located in the Alentejo Region, in southern Portugal in the Alentejo plain, among olive groves, oak forests.

It is one of the most famous Portuguese wineries thanks to the guidance of oenologist Lu├şs Duarte who managed to place Herdade dos Grous on the wine map of this country. In this region the most famous grape varieties are Touriga nacional, Tinta, Tinta roriz and Port.

The Herdade dos Grous winery manages to perfectly combine traditional winemaking methods with the latest winemaking techniques. In the winemaking process the grapes go through a manual selection process followed by a delicate maceration.

The wine is then stored under optimal humidity and temperature conditions in French and American oak barrels for optimal maturation. The wines are then categorised according to their cuv├ęes and quality.

Not only does the winery have the necessary facilities for the production and maturation of the wines, it also offers the possibility to taste the wines in its own restaurant or bar.

Herdade dos Grous also offers the possibility of educational tastings with specialists.

So if you are planning a holiday in the north of Portugal you must visit the winery and try the wines of Herdade dos Grous. And if your holiday is still far away, we'll bring you closer to the tannins of the Douro region. Discover the wines!

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