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Spanish Wineries

Díez Gómez

Diez Gomez winery, Toro wines, Spain




Dance and wine. The passion for these two joys of life led Oscar and Laura to set up their first wine project in Zamora, Wine Mixology.
This project aimed to bring back to life the region's millennial vineyards. Oscar is passionate about wine, and Laura, hopelessly in love with folklore, especially the traditional Zamorano dance, Jota.
Hence the name of the winery's most famous wine collection - Jota De Toro.

It is a winery whose vineyards have deep roots in the region's winemaking history. That's why Laura and Oscar's project managed to make a name for itself in the Spanish wine world quite quickly. Díez Gómez wines succeed in integrating the passion for the lands of Zamora, the flavours of traditional gastronomy, art and Spanish folklore. Their wines were born, as the two say, out of a desire to share the joy of the locals and Zamora's motto, "Dance, Live, Drink!", with the world. And they succeeded!

The vineyards from which their wines extract their flavours are freely planted, on their own roots, and are over 100 years old. The grapes are carefully chosen and the wine is made with strict quality control. The vineyards are certified by the Regulatory Council for the Toro Designation of Origin. Their annual production is limited, so Díez Gómez wines can be considered exclusive.

Dare to savour the vibe of Zamore bottled under the Díez Gómez signature!