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Josep Masachs




The fourth generation of the Josep Masachs family is open-minded and innovative.

Under the watchful eye of Josep Maschs and the leadership of Alex Ru├şz Masachs - hardworking, inquisitive and creative, with a comprehensive background in oenology and global sales - the family values have been reinterpreted to be conveyed through more environmentally friendly products.

With a commercial presence and continued growth, Joseph Masachs continues to be essentially a family winery, where functions are blended and each person participates in different tasks according to their abilities.


Over time, they have learned how to surround themselves with a solid team of professionals who enrich and complement the winery, both technically and commercially.

Consistency is the value that has allowed Josep Masachs winery to make the difference in this intense 100-year journey. Their passion has allowed them to be more detail-oriented every day.

Josep Masachs strives for the highest quality products, using native varieties that allow us to express the uniqueness of each area.

Their mission is to produce wines and cava with a unique character, full of nuances, that can be consumed with ease.

Discover the symphony of aromas and bubbles of Joseph Masachs wines and you will discover the authentic taste of Catalonia!

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