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Roig Parals




 We find the family winery, Roig Parals in Empordà, Catalonia, at an altitude of just 50 meters above sea level.

The Parals' wines are made with new native varieties, French varieties and old varieties such as Sams├│, and the winery has a history as tough as it is beautiful.

At the end of the 19th century, the phylloxera plague destroyed Spain's vineyards, and therefore the Parals', forcing them to relocate to make a living.
But their love of wine brought them back to the fields as soon as the cure for phylloxera was discovered.

They replanted old grape varieties they managed to bring from France. So the great-grandparents of the current generation of winegrowers in Roig Parals re-populated the vineyards of the village of Mollet de Peralada in 1896 and carried on the family tradition.

They have passed on the inherited know-how to future generations. The Carignane variety has over time become their signature in the Spanish wine world.

Today, the quality of Roig Parals wines is known throughout Spain as exceptional and distinguished, representative of their true origin.

The latest generation of Parals winemakers has not only maintained the quality standards they inherited, but has also improved their farming practices, dedicating themselves to organic farming and organic wines. Longevity is their best proof of excellence in what they do.

And the blend of new and old varieties gives the wines a particular character that any wine enthusiast should discover.

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