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Spanish Wineries

De Haan Altés

De Haan Altes Winery, Spain

Terra Alta



De Haan Altés is a family project born out of the union of Englishman Rafaen de Haan's knowledge of wine with Catalan Núria Altés' passion for the land.

Rafael is a Spanish wine enthusiast while for Núria the field has held a very special place in her heart since childhood.

The two are devoted to the continuous exploration of the world of wine, so it is no wonder that wine lovers in Spain and abroad today enjoy the exceptional wines signed by the two.

And, as I said, for Núria, care for the environment doesn't stop where the vineyard stops. The two have been actively involved in projects to protect the environment and promote organic farming.

In addition to organic farming, the De Haan Altés vineyard is also dedicated to the richness of biodiversity, which is why they have been working on the recovery of native fauna and flora for several years, planting more than 12,000 plants of 80 different species, creating different spaces and habitats for local fauna.

The winery's facilities are solar powered (currently 80% solar), with a strong commitment to reducing their carbon footprint over the next few years.

Taste the perfect symbiosis of know-how and love for the countryside while enjoying De Haan Altés wines!