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The Viriatus winery is located in the Spanish region of Zamora. It is a family winery with a three-generation tradition dedicated to producing Toro wines of the highest quality.

The first generation was dedicated to local production and then, with each succeeding generation, they expanded more and more, reaching beyond the borders of Spain with an excellent product at an unbeatable price.

They have earned their reputation as fine wine producers for their skill in keeping the old wine-making traditions alive and for the skill with which they tend the vineyards. Their love for Zamora and local history led them to name the bodega Viriatus, as a tribute to the Spanish hero Viriato, who resisted the Roman invasion of the region.

It is an area of great historical significance, containing numerous Roman remains, including ceramic wine vessels, which demonstrate the long tradition of wine production in the area.

The winery uses traditional grape varieties from the Toro region, such as Tempranillo, Verdejo and Pietro Picudo, which give the wines the personality of the terroir being aromatic, fruity and very delicate for the palate.

Taste the historical charge of the place by savouring Viritus wines!


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