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Pago de Ayl├ęs



Finca Ayl├ęs is located in north-eastern Spain, near Zaragoza, halfway between Madrid and Barcelona.
The Ram├│n Reula family's winemaking project began in the 1980s and ended with the reunification of the various properties that belonged to the so-called Finca Ayl├ęs in the Middle Ages. Today, Ayl├ęs is one of the largest privately-owned historic estates in Arag├│n, with over 3,200 hectares of valuable ecological and landscape conditions.

The historical roots of Ayl├ęs are long and deep, and its rich environment and landscape have always been linked to vine growing. The earliest existing documentation dates from the 12th century, from the period of the Christian conquest led by Alfonso I in 1120. In 1165, King Alfonso II offered this land to Cistercian monks, who harvested the very first original Ayl├ęs grapes. Wine production flourished here for over five centuries, overseen by members of the nobility, starting with the judge of Arag├│n, Blasco Fern├índez de Heredia, the first owner of this estate who was not part of the clergy.

Ayl├ęs is more than a winery and a vineyard; it is a well-defined territory where nature and wine have coexisted harmoniously over the centuries. An impressive landscape of contrasts including the Huerva River cutting spectacular channels and ravines before the immutable Monte San Pablo. A landscape blessed with clay, limestone and limestone soils, deep caves and underground rivers, to which the vineyards bring a veritable symphony of life and colour.

Without a doubt, this is a true Pago, a uniquely owned area or Cru, with its own well-defined features that distinguish it from its surroundings and which has such rich fauna that the European Union has included it in the Natura 2000 Network as a special protected area for birds. The distinctive features of this land - the nature of the soils, the land and roads that border the property, the birds that accompany the vine grower as he works the land, the nocturnal animals - all come together to convey the unique character of Ayl├ęs wines.

Those at the helm of this modern winery have always been dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality. After years of continuous studies ranging from pedology, climatology, organoleptic, physical/chemical examinations to winemaking methods and the historical background of Ayl├ęs, in October 2010, the winery was recognized as Vino de Pago, the highest level of quality to which a Spanish wine can aspire.

Since then, Pago de Ayl├ęs is the number 1 Pago wine in Arag├│n and one of the few (15) existing legally recognised Pagos in Spain to date.

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