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Spanish Wineries

Legado de Orniz

Legado de Orniz winery



In their project, Diego Ribbert and Enriqueta Celemín set out to harness the potential of one of the oldest D.O. Toro vineyards in San Roman de Hornija, Valladolid, Spain.

In 2010, the first fruits of the couple's efforts appear. Epitafio and Triens wines.

Two carefully crafted wines that reflect the characteristics of the region, the climate and the grape variety "Tinta de Toro". These two wines have not only conquered the palates of wine enthusiasts, but have won countless awards and high scores in the most popular wine guides.

The collaboration of the two oenologists, of Spanish and Argentinean origin respectively, has made it possible to combine Spanish traditions with the innovation of Argentinean viticulture. The result is a fusion that impresses critics and wine enthusiasts alike.

The latest Toro wine to enter the Legado de Orniz catalogue is Cindus, described by critics as an extraordinary, persistent, well-balanced, and highly personalised vintage.

The two winemakers describe themselves as passionate and persistent. They never tire of discovering every day the wisdom of the land they have chosen to cultivate and care for.

Each vintage comes for these two winemakers with an effervescent curiosity to rediscover the possibilities that the Tinta de Toro variety offers.

And when two winemakers, each from countries with clout in the global wine world, come together, it's a fusion worth discovering!