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Luis Cañas

Discover the Legacy of Luis Cañas Winery: Four Generations of Excellence


For over a century, the Cañas family has dedicated their lives to producing exceptional wines. Their story began with Luis Cañas, a man driven by passion, tenacity, and a commitment to crafting the finest wines from the vineyard. The family's journey started in the historic Cueva de los Curas, an underground winery that still stands as a testament to their humble beginnings.

 luis cañas

From this hidden gem, Carlos Cañas, father of Luis Cañas, embarked on the arduous journey of transporting their wines, pulled by mules, across the stunning landscapes of Sierra Cantabria and Montes de Vitoria. In 1970, Luis Cañas revolutionized the market by selling bottled wines, taking pride in the high-quality produce sourced from their vineyards.


luis cañas winery

The establishment of their eponymous winery marked a turning point, as they poured their passion into creating the finest Rioja Alavesa wines. Then, in 1989, Juan Luis Cañas, son of Luis Cañas, took over the reins of the winery. His commitment to perfection and innovation drove them to new heights, expanding their range to include aged wines.

 luis cañas family

Their dedication culminated in 1994 with the inauguration of a state-of-the-art winery, equipped with cutting-edge production systems. Today, Juan Luis Cañas is recognized as one of the most innovative winemakers in the country. With a team of skilled artisans, they continue to improve and expand their facilities, constantly striving for excellence. Their unwavering commitment has been rewarded with prestigious international awards, solidifying their reputation as a leader in the industry.

luis cañas winery oak barrels


At the heart of the Luis Cañas Winery lies their vineyards, nestled in the breathtaking Rioja Alavesa region, sheltered by the majestic Sierra Cantabria. These small, meticulously cared-for plots yield low production but extraordinary quality. With over 1,000 individual plots spanning approximately 450 hectares, every grape is meticulously cultivated to ensure only the best make it into their wines.


luis canas vineyards


Respecting the environment is paramount to Luis Cañas Winery. Their dedication to rational viticulture, an agricultural system that optimizes natural resources and prioritizes sustainability, guarantees a future for viable agriculture. Every step, from soil health to vineyard management, is carefully considered to preserve the environment and produce wines with a strengthened immune system, allowing them to thrive naturally.


luis canas grapes


Experience the legacy of Luis Cañas Winery and taste the unparalleled craftsmanship that comes from four generations of dedication. Each bottle tells the story of their family's passion, their vineyards' unique terroir, and the unwavering commitment to producing the finest wines for generations to come.


luis canas family


Our Top Recommendations:

Luis Canas Reserva Seleccion De La Familia 2016 Red Wine

Experience the unique terroir of DOCa Rioja with Luis Canas Reserva Selección de la Familia 2016 Red Wine. This popular Spanish wine,  aged 20 months in wood, presents a deep and intense flavor profile that opens up your senses with every sip. 


Luis Canas Vinas Viejas 2021 White Wine

Luis Canas Vinas Viejas 2021 is a very gastronomic and versatile wine produced in Rioja, the most famous wine region in Spain. This white wine is a blend of Malvasia and Viura grapes and offers a fresh and expressive profile. Enjoy it with appetizers, white meat, fish or seafood.


Luis Canas Crianza 2019 Red Wine

Luis Cañas Crianza 2019 is a very popular wine from Spain´s Rioja region. The enveloping and rich wine is characterized by strawberry and banana aromas and refreshing acidity, making it an ideal everyday wine. With its Tempranillo and grenache grapes, this Rioja wine can be enjoyed at any time 


Luis Canas Reserva 2016 Red Wine

Luis Canas Reserva is crafted by one of the most popular wineries in Rioja. With fine blackberry notes, this special Tempranillo wine is very subtle and pleasant to drink. 


Luis Canas Gran Reserva 2014 Red Wine

Enjoy the unique and exquisite flavor of the Luis Canas Gran Reserva 2014 Red Wine. Made in Rioja, Spain, this reserva red wine is crafted with care and precision by the Luis Cañas winery. Luis Cañas Gran Reserva 2014 has won the hearts of wine enthusiasts across Spain

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