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Spanish Wineries

Maria Rigol Ordi

Spanish sparkling wine, Maria Rigol Ordi winery

D.O. Cava



In the early 1980s, Maria Rigol Ordi, who missed her family's cava wines that had accompanied her throughout her life, decided to start producing her own cava wine.

Together with her son, Francesc Manobens Rigol, she began modest production in the cellar of their home in the heart of the village of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.

Maria Rigol has been closely linked to the world of cava wines since childhood: in 1897, her grandfather Modest Rigol Tubella, who was involved in the wine trade, entered the world of producing what, at the time, was still known as champagne.

For this reason, their cava wines express the desire to preserve a family heritage and the desire to produce quality sparkling wine by reviving traditional blends of Penedès grape varieties and using a prolonged maturation process.

The superior quality of these wines comes from the long maturation and slow oxygenation where natural yeasts transform the wine into the delicious Cava with fine, silky bubbles.

The most exciting part is that this winery never stops innovating.
With each annual production the winery leaves room for the winemaker's imagination and taste buds.

This is how micro-productions are born, the result of which are the limited edition wines of the Maria Rigol brand. If this has piqued your curiosity, you must experience the creaminess and freshness of these sparkling wines!