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Domaine Jean-Luc Colombo

Domaine Jean-Luc Colombo is a french winery located in the Rhône Valley. The winery is run by Jean-Luc, his wife Anne and his daughter Laure Colombo. 


Jean-Luc Colombo, is a man of passion and energy with a deeply rooted love for human warmth. He grew up in Marseille learning the culinary pleasures from his mother, a cook, which sparked his interest to study oenology - the art of wine making.


Today he is known worldwide for producing some of the best wines and advocating for French gastronomic heritage - something that is near and dear to his heart!  


On top of all this, he has cultivated quite a reputation for his friendliness and hospitality. You can find Jean-Luc's exquisite wines gracing tables all around the world!


The family trio at Colombo Domaine wouldn't be complete without Anne - the anchor of the entire operation. A Languedoc and Cevennes native, Anne takes great care in tending to their vineyard in a respectful way that maintains biodiversity on the estate.


While Jean-Luc spreads word about the wines around the world, and Laure looks after the winery and business development, Anne knows her stuff when it comes to being a viticulturist gardener, cook, and even beekeeper!

Her passion for gastronomy rivals Jean-Luc's, so much so that she can often be found dazzling guests of the Colombo house with recipes inspired by Mediterranean roots and local produce from Drôme and Ardéche.


If you ever find yourself in Cornas, make sure you try her famous pistou soup - once you do, you'll know why it's so renowned!

Living amongst the beautiful vineyards of Cornas has always been a dream for the family. They strive to work in harmony with nature and ensure that vines, insects and animals can live side by side. To further their commitment to sustainability, have been applying organic methods to our vineyard for many years now and were delighted to receive certification from ECOCERT in 2015.


Discover their wines here!


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