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Ecological, Organic and Biodynamic Wines

Can we consider  organic, organic and biodynamic wines  just a passing trend?

Or are they the wines of the future? What are the differences between them?

Why are consumers increasingly choosing these types of wines?


We will explain each type of wine, what they have in common and what are the characteristics that differentiate them.

We start by mentioning that everything that involves a treatment without the use of chemicals in the vineyard is called  organic viticulture  .

In other words,  no herbicides, pesticides  or other chemicals are used in the vineyard.

The aim of this healthy practice is to maintain a vegetative layer in which to live its own ecosystem, to obtain a healthy soil, in which the nutrients, together with the quality of the minerals present in the soil, to maintain the vigor of the plant, so that the grape production is better quality.


Organic Wines

Eco or organic vineyards  are the same, therefore, the product generated by these vineyards will be considered organic or organic.

Surely you have noticed that in some vineyards there are sometimes sheep that graze and eat the grass that grows among the vines. Well, it's no coincidence that in organic farming in this way the naturalness of nature is respected where the animals take care of cleaning those herbs, and their excrement will also serve as fertilizer for the soil. It is one of the oldest forms of using natural fertilizer to improve soil fertility.

It must be said that everything is used in  organic or organic viticulture  , when it comes time to cut the vines, the vine buds are gathered, examined to see if they have any disease and then crushed and spread over the vines as fertilizer.

We give back to the earth what the earth gives us. In the past, all these vines were burned in the field, but now they are no longer burned, so by using them as fertilizer, we are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and establish a more sustainable viticulture.

In the winery, the process of  making an organic wine or an organic wine allows the use of   selected yeasts, so we should not confuse them with natural wines that use only indigenous yeasts for fermentation (yeasts that are found naturally in grapes). 

Another thing you need to know about organic wines is that some of them usually have a characteristic aroma when served, it is a slightly sulphurous aroma in some cases.

It is advisable to let them rest for a few minutes in the glass before drinking them to get oxygen, a process known to sommelier as "opening or aerating the wine" . In this way it will express its full aromatic potential and the dark aroma of the wine will disappear.

All organic wines must bear the organic  seal of certification  on the back of the label , which is a green leaf with a star outline. This seal is a guarantee of quality at European level, as all wineries have a very detailed annual inspection to check that all the necessary parameters for the production of  organic and organic wines  are met , if they do not pass this inspection, it will be eliminated. quality seal for the product.  

One of our Spanish wines that you can find on our website is  L'Oratge Blanc , an organic wine made entirely from Grenache white grape variety, elegant and subtle, with salty notes from the sea breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, which I make it a delicious wine for any time of the day.

Another organic wine that will surprise you is  Mes que Paraules  , a blend of sauvignon blanc, garnacha blanca, picapoll blanc and macabeo, aged for three months on yeast, from the winery Jaumeandreu, a family winery located in the heart of Pla de Bagés, in Catalonia, where the Picapoll grape variety is indigenous.

Two Spanish organic white wines of unquestionable quality.

Let's not forget the rosés, that type of wine ideal for any season of the year.  Celestrina  from Herència Altés winery is an organic and organic wine that comes from the old Grenache and Syrah vines, a wine with a very beautiful salmon pink color, very aromatic and fresh.

Among the organic red wines is  Emilio Valerio, an organic wine in which the character is marked by Grenache, which, together with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo and Graciano, make it a very gastronomic wine, a wine with good body and structure, but also sweet and temperamental, a perfect wine to accompany any kind of grilled meat or any stew with sauce so typical of autumn.

If you like Spanish sparkling wines, take a look at our website because we also have a very good selection of organic cava, such as Alta Alella Laietà , with an elegant and distinguished bottle and we also have it in the rosé version. Ideal to give to someone who likes wine, it is one of those gifts that you do not usually think about but that will definitely impress.

Another excellent cava is Privat Brut Reserva organic, a cava in which white fruits and citrus fruits show their freshness, a subtle and delicate cava, ideal for appetizers, fish and desserts.

Discover all the above recommendations in our store.


Biodynamic wines

What are they?


The main premise is that they must be organic, that is, ecological, before you talk about compost and the use of the earth's resources. Because in biodynamics, one of the main values ​​is to give back to the earth what the earth gives you.

Rudolf Steiner  is considered  the father of this science  . In the 1920s, he was already giving lectures to farmers so that they could learn to work with the vital energies that nature offers, for example, taking into account the monthly phases , in this way, by controlling sowing and other vegetative aspects of plant. The plant will be more vigorous and the fruit will be better. The word biodynamic is composed of two words bio-life and dynamic-force.

Wines that are made in accordance with biodynamic precepts also obtain a certificate or  seal called Demeter  .

In our online store you will find a red wine with a striking label that reflects a country man, mature, with a calm appearance, the name of this wine is  El Recio , and the name of Matsu winery, which in Japanese means wait, a good set lined up, like the months that mark his life.

This organic and biodynamic wine is a unique target variety of toro, originating from the Toro region of the province of Zamora, a variety that in other parts of Spain is known as tempranillo. Recio is a full-bodied wine, with a lot of aromatic intensity, with a good balance and it is also vegan, without a doubt an excellent wine with a good value for money.



We hope we have clarified all your doubts about  bio, eco and organic wines. Always remember that the three mean the same thing, and if they are made taking into account the monthly phases, then these wines will also become  biodynamic wines,  because it is understood that to be biodynamic, the care of the vineyard and the entire vinification process must be implicitly organic.

We invite you to visit our online wine store, you will see that each of the wines recommended here have many more details on the origin and even tips on culinary associations. Discover our store!

Have a great week, wine lovers and see you next time!

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