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The Absolute Best 10 Wines to Pair With Red Meat


Why and how to choose a red wine for red meat

When it comes to red meat pairing, our minds go directly to red wines. But there are many grape varieties and many red wines. So, how do we know which one will be the perfect pairing for wine and meat? It´s all about finding the perfect balance between a glass of red wine and the properties of red meat.

Red wine pairs well with red meat because the proteins of the meat neutralize the tannins of the red wine.



The principle of wine pairing is:

Crianza red wines pair well with grilled meat and stews.

Reserva red wines and Gran Reserva red wines pair well with more elaborated steaks, that need high-quality wines to pair with excellent meats.


The reason why red wine usually goes well with red meat is that red wine tends to be richer in tannins. While by themselves, tannins can give a dry feel, they are a good complement to the fats found in red meat dishes.

Although it seems like a classic pairing, the latest research says that it's not so much the type of red meat or fat it contains that makes it a good pairing with red wine but rather the way the meat is prepared and, you'll be surprised, the salt. Yes, salt seems to be very important in the overall palette of flavours we enjoy when we accompany a red wine with a serving of steak.

Experts say that when we prepare a steak with very little salt, even if it is high in fat, the wine will feel a little drier than the same wine paired with a steak with enough salt.
The preparation process is also important. The more elaborate the steak we can go for aged wines. The simpler the preparation, the better to opt for young red wines.

So, remember that for tasty pairings you should take into account the ingredients you add to the meat but also the way you prepare it. And if the steak is accompanied by garnishes or sauces it is more important to match the wine with the sauce than with the steak itself.

Avoid brussels sprouts, asparagus, blue cheese or soy sauce for steaks you want to enjoy with a red wine. Not only will you get rid of not-so-pleasant flavours but you'll also avoid digestive problems.


In this article, we have prepared a set of 10 exclusive recommendations of international premium wines that will surprise your palate, to make the most of your delicious wine pairing. Whether you are having a filet mignon or cuts of beef, we have you covered, so you can fully enjoy drinking red wine.

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Wines that go well with red meat. Recommendations


Best red wines for all budgets

Pinna Fidelis 2018: Great Spanish medium-bodied red wine from D.O Ribera del Duero. It is 100% made of Tinta del pais. It is produced by the winery Pinna Fidelis and it is intense, clear and bright.
An excellent value-for-money wine that can be enjoyed at any time of the week. You will love how easy to drink is this wine, and how well it pairs with all red meat dishes.

Vent del Mar Organic 2018: An Organic red wine from Spain, from the denomination of origin Terra Alta. It is a blend of black grenache and syrah and the vineyard age is between 5 and 25 years. It is an easy-drinking wine, with red fruit and mineral notes.
It is expressive, complex and elegant, with smoother tannins. Pair well with all types of red meats for a very good price-quality ratio.

120 Reserva Especial Syrah 2019. Red wine from Chile, from D.O. Valle Central.
It is made by Santa Rita winery, a very famous and recognized winery in Chile. It is made 100% of Syrah grapes.
This is a very versatile wine that has the aromas of ripe fruits with hints of violets and walnuts. You will love the great price-quality ratio of this Chilean wine.

Pago E 2015: Elegant red wine from Spain produced by the winery Bodega Pago Aylés. It is from the exclusive denomination of origin Pago Aylés. It is made 100% of tempranillo grapes from vineyards that have more than 25 years.
It presents notes of cherry, blackberry and rosemary. On the palate, it is full-bodied with elegant tannins. It pairs perfectly with ribs, grilled meat and game.

La Botera Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Red Wine. Great Spanish red wine from D.O. Empordà. It is produced by the winery Roig Parals.
Roig Parals is a family winery in Mollet de Peralada, Catalonia, that has modernized the entrepreneurship of their ancestors at the vineyards and cellar in order to continue the family tradition. Thanks to the “Terroir” expression, organic farming, and sustainability they can cultivate their twelve hectares that today include not only the old Samsó vines but also traditional white Grenache, Moscatel and Macabeu or the international Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

La Botera it is a blend of Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon, that come from vineyards that are 40 – 60 years old. This wine is perfect to pair with stews, filet mignon and beef bourguignon. You will love how special this wine is.
Hacienda Zorita Magister: An absolute wine discovery that will impress everyone. It is a red wine from Spain, from the Castilla y Leon region. One of the premium wines in the Hacienda Zorita range, is made from a coupage that combines foreign varieties such as Syrah and Merlot.
You will love its complex nose with aromas of ripe fruit, roasted notes, and spicy richness. We recommend to pairing it with roasted meats, stews and game. If you want to impress your guests, we would go definitely for this wine.

Chateau Ormes de Pez. A great Bordeaux wine from de A.O.C Saint Estèphe. This wine will transport you directly to the Bordeaux region in France. From the first sip, you will taste its powerful tannins with a smooth finish.
It seduces wine lovers with its opulence and its roundness. An excellent wine that can be paired with red meat and cheese. If you are a French wine lover, we would highly recommend this wine, as the wines that made it through the hard 2013 vintage are worth trying them.

Finca La Emperatriz: We recommend this Spanish red wine from Rioja due to the excellent price quality ratio. The winery, Hermanos Hernáiz, are used to make wine that lasts, as their winery is famous for being the winery in which the Empress of France, Eugenia de Montijo, made her wines in Spain. You will love the contrasts with the fruit's sobriety and some faint meaty notes that provide character.We recommend pairing it red meat and cheeses.

Barolo Paesi Tuoi 2017: Excellent Italian red wine from the famous and recognized denomination of origin D.O.C.G Barolo, in the Piedmonte region. It is made of 100% Nebbiolo grapes, that have been handpicked and carefully selected, to only choose the best grapes. We recommend this wine because it represents Italy in a bottle. The taste is pleasant, dry and savory, with harmonious tannins that enhance its elegant character.It is ideal to pair with red meat.

Finca Cascorrales 2015: True Spanish jewel from the heart of Ribera del Duero. It is produced by Hacienda Solano, only in exceptional vintages. In the vintage of 2015, there have only been produced 1,360 bottles.
It is made of 100% Tinto fino, a variety that pairs perfectly with red meat. It is an elegant wine, with an intense and complex nose.

We hope that we helped you choose red wines to pair with red meat easier. However, if you want to receive personalized recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@disndis.com and our experienced team of sommeliers will gladly help you choose a great wine!

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See you soon, wine lovers,
Dis&Dis Team

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