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Summer Wines

We all remember, years ago, how our parents used to tell us that red wines are for winter and rose and white wines for summer. However, this is a myth. Now we know that many exceptional red wines are very popular in summer. How many of you haven't enjoyed a fresh red wine on a hot day? After all, red wine served at the right temperature is excellent in summer. Admittedly, in order to fully enjoy a glass of red wine, you need to consider a few serving tips.



1. Temperature

You have to put the wine in the shaker twenty minutes before serving it.  The ideal summer serving temperature is between 10º and 12ºC. When you have friends visiting and eating on the terrace, if you take the cold wine outside, the temperature change of the wine can affect its quality. To avoid this, we need to put the wine in a shaker or cooler to maintain its temperature.

Nothing is more harmful to wine than the transition from hot to cold or vice versa, because it causes its oxidation and alteration. Not to mention the alcohol from the mulled wine.

To quickly cool a bottle of wine you need to put it in a shaker with ice, water and table salt, because salt has the ability to attract heat from the bottle, due to the endothermic reaction that occurs.



2. Serving

I advise you to not pour too much red wine into your glass because it gets warm on the glass. It is better to fill the glass little by little.



Red wines for summer

A wine that I think is excellent for summer consumption is  Mestizaje , a blend of bobal grapes, Garnacha and syrah from Bodegas Mustiguillo, located in the Protected Designation of Origin Terrerazo in the province of  Valencia, Spain. They carefully elaborate modern, dynamic and cosmopolitan wines called " wines of height ", due to their vineyards located at eight hundred meters altitude. A wine without complexes, which expresses the full potential and personality of a ten-month maturation in French oak barrels, which gives it a special character, full of spicy nuances, but without losing the taste of fresh fruit. An organic wine, suitable for vegans, with which you can combine various grilled vegetables, delicious on summer nights.

Another fantastic summer red wine is  Loess Inspiration, from D.O. Ribera de Duero, a monovarietal of tempranillo grapes, which also has nine months of ageing in French oak barrels. A delicate and subtle wine, with a good amount of fruit, both on the nose and on the palate, and which allows that temperature of ten degrees.

A wine that will surprise you if you combine it with pasta or pizza.

If you prefer a young red wine that has not passed through the barrel and has not matured, I recommend  DJ from Bodegas Diez Gomez  in D.O. Toro, a  young and lively wine, of which only three thousand bottles are produced. Without a doubt one of those wines in which you feel youth, balanced, with lively and spontaneous acidity and strong but very pleasant tannin on the palate. In addition, the label suggests a wine-based cocktail, another way to enjoy wine with friends, offering them this excellent afternoon cocktail. A cheerful wine that gives you the perfect fun on a summer day.

And, speaking of summer fun, in the afternoons by the pool, the  Premium Sangria is a great drink. It is very fresh, with sweet orange hues and the whole aroma of red fruits. Made with the charmat method, it has small and explosive bubbles that fill our mouths with flavour. By the way,  did you know that sangria has its origins in Spain?

Even though Spain shares the history of sangria with its Portuguese neighbours, it is known worldwide as a typical Spanish drink. Sangría has always been associated with Spain and the Mediterranean.




Rosé wines  for summer

Rose wines are ideal for summer days. It seems that this type of wine is shrouded in mystery. Just to remove any doubt about rosé wines, they are excellent choices as an aperitif, and they can be combined as well with main dishes. It is one of those fresh and at the same time gastronomic wines, of which Spain proudly possesses a wide range.

Rosé wines always come in clear glass, so you can see their beautiful colour. In addition, the wineries give these wines a personal touch, each of them deciding the time of maceration and its colour. 

We love Mallolet  rosé from Spain, D.O Empordà, an organic wine, made of the grenache variety that comes from vineyards over eighty years old, which gives it a special character and a unique personality.

Another of our top wines is  Herms Rose , a monovarietal syrah, very elegantly presented and beautiful salmon colour. This wine is ideal to pair with fresh fruit and vegetable salads.


White wines for summer

Everyone loves cold white wine during the summer season. If you take a look at our website, you will see the careful selection of white wines that we have prepared for you. For starters, we would recommend a young wine like our  Loess  from D.O. Rueda to pair with starters. It is a fresh verdejo, very fashionable among young people, and extremely easy to drink.

Another excellent wine is  Sapientia, a monovarietal from another leading variety from DO Rueda: Sauvignon blanc. A  fresh wine with citrus and tropical fruit aromas. It´s a delicate and subtle wine with a final aftertaste that you will love. 

But if you look for an elegant wine, we recommend Dehesa del Carrizal made of Chardonnay grapes. It has a unique structure, balance and acidity. 


Now in the end, after we have removed another myth about wines, you are definitely much better prepared to choose a good wine for summer. At our store we offer a wide range of rigorously selected wines to bring to your table!


See you next time,wine lovers, 

Dis&Dis Team

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