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Wine Gifts for Her: International Women´s Day Edition



Are you looking for the perfect wine gift for her for international women´s day? This year´s women´s day falls on the 8th of March, and there are plenty of options to give to our loved ones. 


However, how can we be sure of choosing the right present? In my personal experience, a nice bottle of wine is always a great option. International women´s day is a day of celebration, and there is no proper celebration without a nice bottle of wine or champagne. 


In this article, I will help you go through the vast options that you can give to the woman in your life, either your mom, sister, friend or life partner. 



While red wines are a classic for special occasions, white wine, rose wines and champagne are also great options. In this article, I´ll be sharing my top 10  wine recommendations for gifts for her, so that you will make the right choice for this very important day. 


Regardless if you know the personal wine taste of the women in your life, in this 10 wines list you will be inspired to find the perfect bottle. 


Wines gifts for her:


10. Terras do Coucao Grande Escolha 2018


This is the ideal gift for her because, with this easy-to-drink wine, you can experience the minerality and freshness of the white wine from Alentejo, located in the eastern part of Portugal. This delicious  Alvarinho wine offers fruity aromas, with a fresh taste, ideal to welcome spring. I recommend pairing this wine with fish. 

 Terras do Coucão Grande Escolha White 2018

9. Los Cardos Doña Paula Cabernet Sauvignon


A well-balanced Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendoza, Argentina. This Argentinian wine is perfect to celebrate women´s day due to its expressive notes and its spicy touch. My top 9 wine presents aromas of blackberries and blackcurrant, perfect to pair with red meat and lamb. For best results, serve it at a temperature of 16ºC

 Doña Paula Los Cardos Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentinian wines


8. HDL Rose Wine Alentejo


A delicious rose wine from Portugal, produced by Herdade dos Lagos. A typical organic rose wine from Alentejo, Portugal, with an aromatic intensity of raspberries and cherries. Enjoy it to the fullest with fish and sushi. 

 HDL Rose Wine Organic 2019, Portuguese Wine

7. Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 2021


A great classical Pinot Grigio wine. This white wine from D.O.C Valdedige is very well-known in the Trentino region, in the northern part of Italy, due to its classical taste wine, with aromas of golden apple. This wine is perfect for elegant women who like the taste of Italian wines. Enjoy it with appetizers, seafood and white meats. 

 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, Italian Wine

6. Emilio Valerio Aintzioa Organic 2016


For international women´s day, I recommend this great organic sweet wine from Navarra, Spain. This is a great wine for this special occasion, due to its sweet and aromatic notes. Produced by Emilio Valerio winery, enjoy this white bottle as an appetizer, with cheeses or with dessert.


Emilio Valerio Organic Sweet White Wine, Navarra, Spanish Wine


5. A Zita Cu Zitu Nero D´Avola 2019


If you are looking for red wine from Italy, I highly recommend this delicious Sicilian wine made with Nero D´Avola grapes. Produced by the modern Luna Sicana winery, this wine is meant to be shared. With aromas of blueberries and raspberries, this organic red wine is best enjoyed with red meat, pasta, and tuna. 

 Sicilian Wine, Luna Sicana A' Zita Cu Zitu

4. GG 2019 Terra Remota


Very special red wine produced by the organic winery Terra Remota, located in the north of Catalunya, D.O Empordà. An excellent grenache wine, this bottle is powerful and well-balanced, making it the ideal gift for powerful and strong women that enjoy tasting a full-bodied grenache wine. This wine is best paired with red meat, such as lamb or beef. 

 Emporda Grenache Red Wine, GG Terra Remota, Spain

3. Cerro La Isa Viñedo Singular 2018


Excellent grenache wine from Rioja, in the northern part of Spain. This unique red wine which comes from old vineyards is the perfect gift for all the women who love a complex, rich, and well-structured wine. With powerful notes of blackberries and blackcurrant, this wine bottle is best enjoyed with red meats. 

 Rioja Red Wine, Cerro La Isa, Grenache

2. Sauternes Organic Sweet White Wine 2019


Sauternes wine from Sant-Cibard, France. This sweet white wine is an ideal gift for her due to its nice balance between acidity and sugar, making it a very expressive wine. This organic white wine is best enjoyed with foie gras or as a dessert wine.

 Sauternes White Wine, France, Sweet White Wine

1. Champagne Canard Duchêne 


Excellent champagne from Maison Canard Duchêne. This great bubbly bottle is the best gift for her due to its fresh and expressive characters and fine bubbles. This Léonie Brut champagne is a blend of the grape varieties Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. If you really want to surprise the woman of your life, give a bottle of Canard Duchene. 


 Champagne Canard Duchene, France


Final Verdict


It is very hard for me, personally, to choose the best wine from these amazing options. But wine taste is very personal, and for this international women´s day, Champagne Canard Duchêne is my top pick. With its bubbly and easygoing character, this champagne has it all, it is ideal for gifts and has a delicious taste. If you already tasted this champagne and you are looking for a hidden gem, I would definitely recommend the sweet organic Sauternes wine, from France. 





  • What are the best types of wine to give as gifts for women?


Taste is very personal and everyone has different preferences. However, most women enjoy a nice bottle of sweet white wine. In that case, I would suggest giving a very aromatic and fresh organic sweet white wine, from Sauternes, France. In case you know that the woman in your life enjoys drinking bubbles, I would highly recommend giving a Champagne bottle as a gift. 


  • How do I choose a wine gift for someone who doesn't know so much about wine?

If you are giving wine to someone who doesn´t know much about wine, I would recommend choosing a young and fresh wine, with fruity and mineral notes. In this case, I would recommend a fresh Alvarinho from Portugal. 


  • How can I ensure that the wine I choose as a gift is of good quality?

All the wines that we have in our catalogue are of excellent quality, so there can´t be a wrong choice when surrounded by great wines. 


  • Can I send wine as a gift to someone in another country?


Of course you can. To get the most competitive shipping rate, drop us an email at hello@disndis.com and our experienced team will make sure that you receive the wine gift very promptly. 





Why Trust Dis&Dis


Victoria Estrada is the head sommelier of Dis&Dis. She oversees the quality of all the wines in our store, and if a wine doesn´t pass her very high standards of quality, the wine isn´t featured in our store. Victoria meets personally with every one of our winemakers and tastes all their wines, so she can make an informed decision when adding delicious and tasty wines to our catalogue. 




If you want to find more inspiration to find the perfect women´s day gift, be sure to visit our online store or to subscribe to our newsletter to receive personalized recommendations.


See you later, wine lovers,


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